Saturday, January 28, 2017

Executive Orders Are OK Now!

Remember all of the Republican criticism of President Obama's executive orders? Apparently, the concerns about Executive Branch overreach have disappeared with the ascension of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Trump just set a record for the number of executive orders issued by a president during his first week in office (see

Republicans say that The Donald is merely undoing the damage which President Obama did by issuing his executive orders (see But isn't their acceptance of Trump's actions a tacit acceptance of the presidential prerogative to take such actions? And what about the fact that many of Trump's actions have gone beyond the ones issued by his predecessor? Isn't Trump doing the same thing that Obama did? Isn't he expressing his unwillingness to wait on congressional action on these matters? After all, isn't it reasonable to assume that a Republican controlled Congress is just as interested as their leader in rolling back the agenda of the previous Administration? Why not wait on them to take action?

Hmmmm, that sure does look like hypocrisy in action from the vantage point of the Teacher's Roost! It is an imperative to oppose the executive actions of a liberal Democrat, but it is OK for a "conservative" Republican to issue as many as he likes? What do you think?

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  1. Reading about the operations of the U.S. Federal government reminds me of how thankful I should be that I live in a Commonwealth country where the House of Commons can vote non-confidence in the government anytime it is needed, with the result that the people return to the polls, and the Governor General can call an election if he decides there has been too much abuse by government. Nice to have these safeguards.